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Super Hard NewsRadio Trivia

For the obsessed fan, this trivia is for you. The only thing separating this from Hard NewsRadio Trivia is that there are no multiple choice answers. You have to use your head to come up with the answers.

Good luck!

1. Who got booted off Jimmy's wife candidate list because she didn't like the staff?

2. What is the name of the efficiency expert?

3. How many people were NewsDirector?

4. Lisa's dog Daisy was named after who?

5. In what year was WNYX founded?

6. Besides Joe and Catherine, Bill and Catherine, Dave and Lisa, Matthew and Lisa, and Walt and Lisa, which two castmembers went out on a date?

7. What was the word Jimmy said thtat saved him when he sued the kid for selling fake movie artifacts?

8. What state is Mr. James from?

9. When Lisa was in preschool, she read at what grade level?

10. What was the name of the game Dave played in high school that caused him to fail the SAT?