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Old Quote of the Weeks

Thanks Brett!!

"Pretty means pretty. Cute means pretty, short, and/or hyperactive, like me!" Beth

"Free advertising...That's something you can't buy." Mr. James

"I think a good hunting accident would open up your mind." Dave

"Well, what about the 36 inches of BS inside? Anything you can do about that?" Bill

"With a few modifications I could turn that elevator to a really awesome thrill ride." Joe

"Sir, this ship has been rated unsinkable by strict union specifications, which means, that even if it's completely submerged, it still retains it's unsinkable classification." Joe

"If it was a no brainer I would have sent Matthew." Dave

"I don't know who's writing your material, but it's very VH1, okay, strictly illsnidiotic." Catherine

"If you're embarassed to buy condoms, shoplift them...It's easy!" Mr. James

"It's down to 20 now that I found out that sweet girl from Saved by the Bell, she did a dirty movie!" Mr. James

"If everyone around here thought I should jump off a bridge, they'd just get together and push me." Dave

"So Linda, how long have you and Lord Mc of Neal been shagging?" Matthew

"You got what you wanted from Dave, right? Then you snapped your legs shut like a well-oiled bear trap!" Bill

"You know, my mother avoided all physical contact. Something to do with germs she said." Bill

"What's next? Are you going to knee cap an old woman for her peanuts?" Dave

"Well, I had a little too much punch and called the first lady Hotlips." Mr. James

"Kidnappping--it's not just for kids anymore." Mr. James

"No. Not one of your mythical icebergs, this is real." Bill

"What is it huh?  Give up, life sucks, get cancer early and often?" Dave

"That takes me back to a time when six-thousand dollars was a lot of money!" Mr. James

"What have you been doing lately, or should I say who have you been doing lately?" Bill

"If it makes you feel any better, you were my third choice." Bill

"C'mon people! There was blood in the water, you all smelled it! I just did something about it!" Bill (after teasing Matthew badly)


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