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DeAnna's NEWsRadio Website!!


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My Trip to UBMS

Even though I'm a devoted fan of NewsRadio....I still have a life!

Hey, since you clicked on the you don't know, I am a high schooler and I created this site the summer before I started 9th grade, but anyways, in the beginning of this summer (2002), I got to get a feel for college life by living in a college, attending classes, and what not.  It was only for five weeks, but I met friends from Texas, Oklahoma, Louisiana, New Mexico, and Arkansas, it was great!  One of my friends I met there just made a site with pictures of us touring places and other sorts of things we did.  You may spot me, but I doubt it because I show up in maybe 1 or 2 blurry pictures; the pictures aren't of the best quality.  Go ahead and view his site!

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