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NewsRadio Mistakes

These are NewsRadio mistakes the writers made when making some episodes. These are mistakes that you may already knew, or that you just found out now.

1. When Matthew was fired and was hugging the staff good-bye, you could obviously see the paint on Beth's back of Matthew's hand print before he even hugs her.

2. Matthew is allergic to cat dander but has had 1 cat in childhood and two cats now.

3. Jimmy James obviously can't act but he seemed to act out the fake hot air balloon accident pretty good.

4. When Dave and Lisa broke up the second time, Lisa asked Bill in the sound booth if he had been dumped before and Bill said no. But in a later episode when Dave gets back his job as News Director and finds Lisa's leotard in his desk, Bill tells a story and implies that he was dumped before.

5. If Beth doesn't have a TV but has a car, then how come she's like the biggest fan of MTV?

6. If Lisa wasn't allowed to watch TV as a child, then how come she knew that the hat Beth was making was from the show Fat Albert?

7. And, if Lisa wasn't allowed to watch TV, why did she decide not to watch TV in high school (that was from the episode when Dave tried to buy Lisa a TV)?

8. In one episode Joe and Beth were talking and we found out that Joe keeps his money in a shoe box. In another episode, though, Mr. James mentions Joes bank PIN number.

9. In the episode when WNYX is in space, and Dave has no idea what a tree is, how come there is a giant plant in the back of Dave's office?

10. And, if Dave had no idea what a tree is, then how come he watches Green Acres, a show which has to have at least one tree in one episode?

11. In the episode with Dr. Frank (John Ritter) before he came, Lisa told Dave he was her psych professor, later on after Dr. Frank came and Dave found out that they had a fling, he says, "How could you sleep with your therapist?" and Lisa replied, "He wasn't my therapist...he was my professor." like we didn't hear her say it before.

12. When the building was on fire, after Bill and Catherine reported it and Bill was complaining about the popcorn kernel stuck in in his teeth, they were still on the air.

13. When Matthew gets injured, he says that his birthdate is 12/22/65, but in the fifth season they celebrate his 30th birthday in 1999. That would make him 34. (Thanks IndyColts9!)

If you have any mistakes, go ahead and e-mail them to me.