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Easy NewsRadio Trivia Answers

Here are the answers, but I don't really think you need them.

1. Where was Dave Nelson born?
Answer: C -- Canada
Dave was born in Canada, but he moved to Wisconsin later on.

2. What habit does Bill have, that he can't get rid of?
Answer: B -- Smoking
In one of the earlier episodes, Bill tried to stop smoking, but...well, you know, he obviously couldn't.

3. Who's the castmember known for their ability to add, subtract, multiply, and divide anything?
Answer: A -- Lisa
The calculator woman Lisa, is "a big hit a parties."

4. Dave is addicted to what beverage?
Answer: C -- Coffee
Dave's addiction to coffee got him made fun of by his employees and was the reason he killed himself on the Titanic.

5. What is the name of the intern who became an employee at WNYX?
Answer: D -- Walt
Walt's young looks made Bill so jealous.

6. Which character left the show to work at a satellite company in London?
Answer: B -- Catherine
The reason Khandi Alexander really left the show was that she felt she wasn't getting enough air time.

7. Which two characters secretly loved each other but never went out?
Answer: C -- Joe and Catherine
In one episode though, these two actually went on a date, but by Catherine's words, "it's not even a real date."

8. Matthew is known for worshipping which character?
Answer: A -- Bill
Of course Matthew's obsessed with Bill, he's "like a god."

9. Which character was the first to find out about Dave and Lisa's relationship?
Answer: D -- Beth
Beth was also the reason Dave and Lisa finally told the staff.

10. Which character has a strong belief that the government is hiding a lot from America?
Answer: A -- Joe
Joe keeps his money in a shoebox because of his fear of the government (see #8 on Mistakes).

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